Cleaning / Polishing

Dremel cleaning and polishing accessories include brushes, felt accessories and rubber points to work on steel,...

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Cleaning / Polishing


  • Rubber Polishing Points

    Blue points for finishing and polishing all ferrous metals. Removes small burrs and scratch marks left by grinding and sanding, and cleans and defines grooves. Also effective on many stones and ceramics.

  • EZ SpeedClic: Polishing Cloth Wheel

    This wheel is ideal for polishing metals and plastics. Can also be used with mandrel 402. Quick, Easy, Keyless.

  • Brass Brushes

    Brass brushes are non-sparking and softer than steel.They will not scratch soft metals like gold, copper, brass.

  • Stainless Steel Brushes

    Stainless steel brushes do not cause “after rust” when used on corrosive-resistant materials like pewter, aluminum and stainless steel.

  • High-Performance Abrasive Brush

    High performance abrasive brush for deburring, cleaning, rust and corrosion removal. Can be used at higher speed than other brushes (max. 20.000 RPM).

  • Carbon Steel Brushes

    Versatile brush for removing rust and corrosion, polish metal surfaces, deburr and blend surface junctures or clean electrical components.

  • Bristle Brushes

    Use for light deburring, cleaning, polishing of silverware, jewelry and other precious metals. Can be used with polishing compound (421).

  • Polishing Wheels

    Ideal for polishing metals and plastics. Using polishing compound no. 421 with wheels produces a high luster. Use 414, 422 and 429 with mandrel 401. Use 425 with mandrel 402.

  • Impregnated Polishing Wheel

    Impregnated polishing wheel for light stock removal and high luster polishing.Works on various surfaces like steel, aluminium, brass, silver, gold, hard plastic etc. The polishing wheel is impregnated with a silicon carbide abrasive and cooling lubricant, so polishing compound is not needed.