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Attachments to Control

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    Il modulo luminoso a LED (LM1) si avvita facilmente sul multiutensile Dremel. Con una luce a LED completamente regolabile a 360°, puoi completare i tuoi compiti negli angoli difficili e nelle aree buie con piena visibilità. Il modulo luminoso ti permette di vedere in modo chiaro tutte le operazioni che stai eseguendo, e lavorare quindi con la massima... Learn

    15,55 €

  2. DREMEL Detailer's Grip Attachment (577)

    DREMEL Detailer's Grip Attachment (577)

    The Dremel Detailer's Grip attachment enables you to have even better control of your multitool when doing DIY, hobby and craft projects. With the included stencil template and engraving cutter you can begin working with the detailer’s Grip attachment and your multitool straight away. Learn

    23,45 €

  3. DREMEL Shaping Platform Attachment (576)

    DREMEL Shaping Platform Attachment (576)

    The Dremel Shaping Platform enables you to sand and grind at perfect 90 and 45 degree angles. With the included sanding mandrel, sanding band and grinding stone you can start working straight away. Learn

    23,45 €

  4. Flex-Shaft Tool Holder (2222)

    Flex-Shaft Tool Holder (2222)

    Conveniently suspends your Dremel multitool above your workbench. Perfect for use with the Flexible Shaft attachment. Clamps to workbenches up to 42 mm thick, and adjusts in height from 300 to 1070 mm. Store extra bits on base. Learn

    35,50 €

  5. DREMEL Multi-Vise (2500)

    DREMEL Multi-Vise (2500)

    The Dremel 3-in1 Multi-Vise. Stationary vise, stand alone clamp & Toolholder. Clamps to any workbench, table or countertop Rotates 360° and tilts 50°. Allows approaching the workpiece from a comfortable angle. Jaws may be used with base unit or detached for use as a stand-alone bar clamp. Easily accommodates larger work pieces. Stabilises oversize... Learn

    47,00 €

  6. DREMEL Workstation (220)

    DREMEL Workstation (220)

    This is the perfect solution for stationary working with your Dremel. Drill vertically or in an angle, adjustable in increments of 15 degrees. Holds tool horizontally for polishing and sanding. Integrated, telescoping tool stand holds tool with Flex Shaft (225). On-board accessory storage. Cord management keeps cord safely stowed. Depth markings for... Learn

    82,50 €

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